Looking for a Faster, Cheaper Alternative to Liposuction?

Learn about our affordable ultrasonic cavitation services

If you're searching for a way to break up stubborn stomach fat, consider scheduling an ultrasonic cavitation appointment at Advanced Wellness Spa. This cosmetic procedure breaks up fat deposits in your body and has fewer safety risks than other fat removal options.

To learn more about our ultrasonic cavitation procedure, call 616-724-4525 now to speak with one of our experienced staff members.

Ultrasonic Cavitation - 30 Min. Treatment

3 reasons to choose ultrasonic cavitation treatments

3 reasons to choose ultrasonic cavitation treatments

Whether you want to target fat around your stomach, hips, face, neck, arms or thighs, our experts can help. Trust us to provide ultrasonic cavitation services that are:

  1. Affordable - save money by scheduling 30-minute treatment sessions for only $150 apiece
  2. Convenient - skip the lengthy recovery time that's associated with many other procedures
  3. Effective - utilize this less invasive method to contour your body and target small fat deposits
Take the first step toward getting the body you've always wanted by scheduling your first ultrasonic cavitation appointment today.