Enjoy Smooth, Silky Skin in No Time

Enjoy Smooth, Silky Skin in No Time

Remove unwanted body hair swiftly and easily at Advanced Wellness Spa in Grand Rapids, MI

Sick of shaving so often? Advanced Wellness Spa offers a solution you might like.

Body sugaring is a safe, gentle and effective solution to hair extraction for women, men and children. This method uses a blend of water, lemon and sugar to extract hair from the root. Because it's all-natural, you don't have to worry about strange, hard-to-pronounce chemicals touching your skin.

Sugaring tends to be less painful and longer lasting than waxing. It removes hair by the root instead of just stripping it away from the top layer of skin. This means that in four to six weeks when your hair does start to grow back, it will come in paler and finer than before.

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Our hair removal services are available to everyone. We work to keep our pricing fair and affordable. For women, we can remove hair from:

  • Full legs - $120
  • Half legs - $65
  • Extended bikini - $65
  • Bikini - $50
  • Face - $50
  • Neck - $35
  • Underarms - $30
  • Upper lip - $15
  • Upper lip and chin - $30
  • Brazilian - $120

For men, we offer the following sugaring services:

  • Back - $80
  • Chest - $75 (includes belly)
  • Full legs - $120
  • Half legs - $72
  • Underarms - $37
  • Back of neck - $30

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Body Sugaring Half Bikini Treatment

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