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The only place to go for lipo massage in West Michigan is Advanced Wellness Spa, located at 2921 East Paris Avenue SE, Kentwood MI. After four months of treatment, I can personally tell you that I have lost inches off from my hips and thighs. My under-arm skin is tighter. My back feels so much better. Not only that, but I feel physically renewed when my lipo massage is complete. I look forward to the next treatment. Being diabetic, my legs and feet used to swell two and three times their normal size. Now, I can honestly say that my circulation is much better, and the swelling is almost gone. The technician, as a massage therapist, does a fantastic job and always makes sure that my needs for a healthy body are met. Give her a call, she'll make a big change in your life, and you'll look great too!


The spa was very clean and relaxing. I felt very comfortable. I had my eyelashes lifted and tinted and happy with my results. The process took about 1.5 hours but I have to say she was very detailed and made sure they were perfect. I appreciated that she asked many safety questions (any allergies to topical products etc and had me send in a pic of my eyelashes to make sure they were healthy/undamaged before my appointment).


Dear Sofia, I just want to say thank you for always doing such a fine job, and when I said you are the best, I meant it, you really are. Most people would not be so detail oriented and thorough like you are and I appreciate your excellent work ethic very much. And your smile and sense of humor are very refreshing. I plan to continue to be a customer for a long time....


I just had my first sugaring for my underarms and Sofia was very polite and professional and inviting. Sofia made sure I was her number one priority. Sofia also went the extra mile to make sure that I was comfortable during the treatment. Definitely will be returning to VIP Mini Spa.


It was my first time getting a professional massage ever and I have got to say that I loved it. Sofia is very professional and inviting and when it was my time she treated me like I was so important and you can tell she does it with passion. I have been recommending her with my friends ever since. I will be surely returning to her in the near future. Thanks Sofia for making me feel wonderful!!

Monica M.

I had a great time with Sofia. It was very obvious that she knew what she was doing and she was professional while still being inviting. She was also very thorough and made it feel as though I was her highest priority whenever she worked on me. I loved the atmosphere; It was very relaxing and made for a great experience!

Veronica M.

I always feel great after Sofia's massage and have returned several times! Also tried a pedicure and my feet look and feel much better! Thanks Sofia... Dan

Dan L.

Sofia not only is extremely good and thorough with her massage, but she does it with a passion. This is not just a job to her, she loves what she does and it shows in how I am treated by her. She is a lovely person plus she always has the room very relaxing which enhances the massage.

Jeff W.

100% relaxed and pampered! First off, Sofia is so friendly and focused on making sure you are comfortable. This was my first deep tissue massage and it felt incredible! I could believe how many knots Sofia got out! I also purchased a deluxe manicure, but changed my mind and wanted shellac. She was so sweet and didn't charge for the difference. She makes you feel like you've been best friends your entire life :) We easily carried on conversation the whole time! Thank you Sofia for making me feel pampered and cared for! Can't wait to come back again with my best friend for pedicures!

Alicia P.

Thank you for your attentiveness to my nails. I've had poor nails due to work related problems and YOU've improved them. I like your salon and enjoy your conversation! hair removal. massage in Grandville skin care excellent service

Tim D.