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Do you adore the appearance of clean, shapely and natural-looking brows? You can put your best face forward by getting your brows professionally laminated. Schedule an appointment with a browista at Advanced Wellness Spa and we'll give your brows a makeover using holistic techniques.

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3 reasons why our clients love brow lamination

3 reasons why our clients love brow lamination

Brow lamination is a unique process that sets, smooths and straightens your eyebrows using RefectoCil, which is made with keratin. After your appointment, your brows will:

  • Be easy to manage and touch up with makeup
  • Look full, fluffy and fabulous
  • Complement your natural face shape

With laminated brows, you won't have to spend time and energy trying to create the perfect eyebrow look with makeup. Your brows will look full, natural and well-defined, giving you a photo-ready appearance.

Set up your personal consultation with one of our brow technicians today. We'll discuss the details of the brow lamination process with you and answer any questions you may have.