Brow Lamination and Lash Lift


Lamination at $69 per service, lash lift at $89 per service.



Brow lamination everyone wants them,, Why? 


  1. Beutifull well defined brows
  2. Professional, perfected shaped brows 
  3. Fulness, naturally shaped brows


                    What is brow lamination?


In one simple appointment the browista will realign the directon of the hair growth to enhance the brow shape. Results: Full fluffy brows.


         Product used in the application?   Refectocil!


The main ingredient inside Refectocil is based in Keratin. Keratin has a straightening effect to safely realign and reshape the brows hair.



                         Lash Lift.    Product used in the process: Refectocil!

          Lash lift the treatment! 

The Appoitment itself is done in a few different steps below. After the treatment a natural look,  longer well redesigned lashes.


                    Steps below.

  1. Silicone lids is placed on the eyelid
  2. Lashes lifted on the rod silicone
  3. Apply two steps serum in a time matter.
  4. Apply a coat of Keratin to already curled lifted lashes
  5. woala!! beautifully lifted, curled lashes.